Question about Medeek Wall

I am playing around with Medeek Wall and I drew a garage. I was looking at the anchor bolts and it looks like they are not in the correct place if I used 16’ sill plates. Just wondering what I did wrong? I didn’t see anything in the Edit Wall dialog to change the length of the sill plate. I guess I could edit where the J bolts hit and maybe add them where I need them in order to hit the ends of my 16’ sill plates properly, but I’m not sure how to do so. Any help is much appreciated!
Garage 5.skp (1.4 MB)

Anchor bolts are part of the Medeek Foundation assembly, not the wall. The wall assembly and the foundation assembly do no talk to each other about what needs to go where.

Normally the top and bottom plates are full length of the wall (minus corner details) unless a particular goble settings parameter is tweaked.

To place them specifically,

Go into the foundation assembly, select all the anchors and add “custom” to the group names or component name. Exit the group and edit the foundation. turn off anchor bolts and update. The custom anchors will remain and the auto generated ones will go away. You will be able to move them wherever you want.

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Spot on, thank-you for answering this question.

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Ahhh makes sense. Thank you.

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