Trying to select different anchor bolts in foundation, but I don't see an Edit button in the foundation module?

Garage 7 point 5.skp (1.9 MB)

I feel so slow. But I don’t see an edit button. I tried selecting the anchor bolts one by one then seeing if I could figure out how to replace them (By selecting one of the other anchor bolt components?) But I couldn’t figure that out.

I was hoping to get to a dialog similar to the one I got when I drew the stem wall then just select a different anchor bolt from the drop down list there and it would update but now that I am posting this I’m thinking maybe that’s not possible? Hoping the experts can point me in the right direction.

My problem is that since I have double sill plates the anchor bolts are not long enough so they don’t show correctly when I look at the wall framing.

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Paging @medeek

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Is this a slab, slab on grade or stemwall foundation? If you right click on the assembly you should be able to edit it regardless of foundation type. From the edit menu you can select your anchor bolt preferences.

Stem wall foundation
When I right click on the stem wall I don’t see an edit option in the context menu.

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Did you rename the group?

The instance name in the Entity Info tab in the tray should be something like this, for a stemwall foundation:


A slab on grade foundation assembly will have a name like this, for example:


You will notice that all Medeek Assemblies (groups) will have a similar sort of naming structure. The all caps portion of the name including the under scores lets the plugin(s) know that that particular group is a plugin assembly and it knows that it can edit it, regen it, etc… If you remove the keywords from the instance name the plugins will simply ignore those groups and you will no longer be able to edit them with the plugin(s).

However you can always rename an assembly with its former keywords and you will then be able to edit it again. So in a sense the naming system can also be used to lock a Medeek Assembly from further editing with the plugins, and unlock if necessary.

The string of trailing numbers is simply a time stamp to ensure that the group has a unique name within the given model. You can change those numbers to anything you like (only use alphanumeric characters), however you just want to be sure that the name is unique within the model and not duplicated with some other group or component.

Thank you Nathaniel, not home now at a Super Bowl party :tada: but I’ll make sure I select the stem wall assembly then try to right click it to edit. I didn’t rename any of the groups

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