Medeek Foundation stemwall blockout not working?

Hi there, i’m using Medeek Foundation extension version 1.8.9 01.11.2023, on Sketchup version 22.0.354, and “stemwall blockout” doesn’t seem to work? I set width, depth, and remove anchor bolts=Yes, click Update, and i see “[BLOCKOUT LOCATOR] Click blockout location” in lower left corner - but no matter where i click or mouse over on the foundation i don’t see the blockout lines as seen on YouTube tutorials. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? thank you!

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Did you create your stemwall with the new Polyline Stemwall tool? If you used the legacy tool then blockouts do not work.

The polyline stemwall tool is the left most icon in this toolbar:

Let me know what you get.

I should probably remove the legacy stemwall tool entirely but there are a few instances where it still does get used.

Yes, that looks like it! thanks for the quick response. When i got the warning about the rectangular stemwall I didn’t realize that I was still using that tool - i somehow thought it automatically switched to polyline - my mistake.