Promoting a new plugin

Hi folks,
I can’t readily find any guidance on letting this forum know about a plugin I’ve had developed.
It is for purchase - I’m trying to recoup some development costs - so I guess it could amount to promotion, and I don’t want to do the wrong thing.
Can I just start a topic?

People have done that before several times so I would suppose it’s fine to do so.

Not a problem at all! Just start it in the Extension section of the forum and place update and such in the same string (i.e. don’t start a new topic every time you have an update or something new to say about your extension).

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Even though I have no need for his plugins, @medeek has been posting refinements to his plugins in one thread per plugin - and I find the process fascinating! So if you’re inclined to do the same, I suggest looking over some of his threads for a great way to present your plugin:


The only problem with his threads are that there are so many hires images, it takes a long time to load. I’ve had to mute those threads so I don’t accidentally open them. (I wonder if collapsing the images inside “hidden details” blocks would help speed up load time?)

As I’ve got a really fast internet connection, I hadn’t noticed. I can see how that might be a problem for others.

I’ve got cable broadband myself and it’s still way slow.

While you replied, I was taking a closer look at the Truss Plugin thread. While there are a few images I’d consider to be hi resolution, most of them are 800x600 are fairly small.

As I was scrolling from the top, even with my fast broadband, some images were still loading. But when it’s presented in my timeline, only the latest few posts appear and I perceive the images as coming up instantaneously.

Perhaps your problem stems from your having muted the thread, so the Discourse pointer of your “latest seen” is so far back in the thread that you can see the delay as the many queued images download. Whereas I don’t see that because Discourse first downloads images in the latest replies before it starts going back to earlier images.

Thus I think the problem isn’t individual images, but the sheer number of images.

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