Medeek Extensions - Management: Am I doing it wrong?

I’m an occasional - but enthusiastic - user of @Medeek’s extensions.

But as I prepare to upgrade to SU Pro 2022, I’m wondering - what’s the BEST way of managing this set of extensions.

Before I actually LOOKED a few minutes ago, I wasn’t aware that his extensions (except the BIM bundle) are available through Sketchucation - I’ve just been reacting to all the update announcements when I open SketchUp and Meedek Foundation, Truss, Wall, and Electrical load. My reaction:

  1. Go to his website
  2. Login
  3. Download to my “SketchUp Extensions RBZ” Folder - while renaming the download .rbz file to something unique (I keep the older .RBZ files - just in case!) - Actually, since I’ve never had a reason to go back to an older version, I may STOP renaming!)
  4. Using the SketchUp Extension Manager, Uninstall the installed version
  5. Using the SketchUp Extension Manager, Install the updated version

If more than 1 of his extensions alerts me to an update, repeat steps 3-5 above.

Now that the only extension with a configuration preset library (Medeek Wall) has been fully converted to a data structure (hash) that will no longer require deleting, then recreating saved configurations, I’m ready to look into better ways to manage his extensions. Previously, I didn’t want them updated with any automation.

So this morning, I was about to write a post suggesting that @Medeek consider SketchUCation as the primary repository for his extensions. But I decided to look around a bit first - and I’m glad I did because they’re ALL on SketchUCation (except BIM - which is really a licensing bundle of Foundation, Wall, and Truss - and presumably Floor once he releases it)!

Great! I LOVE how, if you install the Sketchucation Store extension, you can easily bring ALL your Sketchucation hosted extensions up to date. AND - if you move to a new computer, just install Sketchucation Store - then use it to install ALL your Sketchucation extensions!

So now, my plans are to:

Uninstall all my Medeek Extensions
Download them through Sketchucation
Install them
(Perhaps - if necessary) Re-authorizing my licenses through @Medeek’s website.

And I should only need to do the above ONCE!

Which should result in:

  • My having the current versions
  • Quick update - while still inside SketchUp - when one of them alerts to a new version

Additionally, installation of ALL my Medeek Extensions when I move to a new computer - or do a SketchUp update (New Major Version) – will be fast and easy!

Before I proceed, I’d like if:

  • I missed a step. … And/Or
  • There are steps I’ve listed that I DON’T need to do! And/Or
  • If anyone can suggest a better way to manage Medeek’s extensions.

Finally, my “pie in the sky” dream is that @Medeek can partner with @Fredo6 - to make @Medeek’s extensions part of @Fredo6’s “Check Fredo6 Plugins for update …” tool! Or perhaps even better, if @Fredo6 might consider simply (in concept) extending his tool so that it become “Check Sketchucation Plugins for update …”!

It is technically possible and this was the case in the past (I think Thomthom used it for some time). But I think Medeek has his own way to communicate with users about new versions.

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First of all I would recommend always visiting my website to get the latest version of the plugins.

I do regularly upload my plugins to SketchUcation, however the definitive source is still my website.

In fact the direct download links to the latest versions are always these links:

If you like you can bookmark these links as they will not change and have not changed since each plugin was initially released.

Yes, always uninstall the plugins first before installing an updated version. If you don’t you run the risk of the files not completely overwriting existing files. I’ve seen and dealt with this numerous times now with customers who do not uninstall and who try to install on top of an older version.

Once you have activated the plugins (License tab of the Global Settings), the license information is stored outside of the plugin folders (it used to be stored in the registry in Windows). Hence you should never have to activate your licenses again within that SketchUp installation, even if you upgrade.

If you install a new version of SketchUp (on install SketchUp on a different machine) then you will need to install and activate the extensions within that installation. For some reason some people think that their extensions will just magically migrate between installations and even machines, it doesn’t work like that, I wish it did.

The reason I don’t name the releases by the version name is that I want to maintain a permanent download link for each plugin, as shown above.

I realize that this causes some grumbling among some users who would prefer that I change the name to correspond to the version. I am still thinking about this, but for now the current system stands.

If you do need a prior version of the Truss plugin, click here:

Note that this is not a complete list of prior versions, but in the near future I will update it to include more versions. However my focus is on the current version and will be for the foreseeable future.

My primary way of communicating to users about new updates and versions is the SketchUp Forum, SketchUcation Forums and my own forum here:

Sometimes each conversation/thread may have unique content as compared to the others due to interactions with others on that forum however I do my best to duplicate any blanket or general announcements on all forums.

I also post regularly on Linkedin.

To summarize:

Because I’m only an occasional user of @Medeek’s extensions, I find it annoying to see “Updates are Available” when I start Sketchup as I rarely act on them. I DO see them whenever he posts them in a new reply on the related Extension thread on this forward. With the very high frequency of updates (compared to other extensions I use), I defer all updating until I really need either a new feature that’s been added (rare - the shed wall addition is the only one I remember) or I hit a bug and update to make sure it hasn’t been addressed yet before reporting it (has never happened to me - experiencing a bug, that is) - or until there is a new Major release of SketchUp - or when I’m moving computers.

I take @Fredo6’s reply above as willingness (but not eagerness) to include @Meedek’s extensions in his update checking tool - should @Medeek want his extensions included. As this is MORE than I really need (hence my calling it “Pie in the Sky”) – I won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen!

So my request is now simplified: @Medeek: For those of us who use and appreciate the Sketchcation Extension Store (SketchUp Extension) - Please DO try to keep your most recent (non-beta) version in Sketchucation - I’m guessing I’m not the only one who would appreciate the time savings!

Unless, of course, the Sketchucation plugin doesn’t UNINSTALL before installing the most recent version - as you mention you’ve seen problems with that in the past.

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Whenever I roll another release my modus operandi is to first update my own website (upload new version, update plugin web page and update the plugin changelog).

I then will usually copy and paste the changelog entry into all of the forums as described above and additionally add other information and images for further clarification as needed.

My final step is to jump into the developer section of SketchUcation and upload the new version there as well. On a few rare occasions I have forgotten this final step but usually I don’t forget.

I always follow this order of steps so I don’t forget anything.

I’m not opposed to including my plugins somehow in Fredo’s update tool if there is a way to easily do that but I don’t know anything about how to do that or what is involved.

Also you can turn off the update checker of each plugin in the General tab of the Global Settings. (Turn Check for Updates to OFF). By default it is setup to check monthly for an update.

Hi @Medeek,

So you have NOT seen the problems with failing to UNINSTALL before installing a new version - for people who use the Sketchucation store versions and the update checking feature of the Sketchucation Store extension to Sketchup. Correct?

If the answer is “Correct” than I’ll be where I want to be when I started this thread (and mark your last the the solution)- save the “Pie in the Sky” part. But hoping you’ll contact @Fredo6 directly to inquire!

I have not heard anything specifically with regards to using SketchUcation to update the plugin, or any errors. However it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen using that method as well.

I’ll touch base with Fredo on the update tool, it is not super high priority right now but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt if it is a possibility.

I’ll take that as “probably” correct - and rely on the Sketchucation versions you upload - until and unless it causes problems!

Hi @Medeek!

Can you re-upload Medeek Electrical to Sketchucation? Sketchucation Store extension FAILED to install, so I tried downloading it from the Sketchucation website and installing using the SketchUp Extension manager - where it ALSO failed with the error message shown below. I then downloaded it from your website - and it installed without problem!


So my conclusion is that the .rbz on Sketchucation needs a refresh. It won’t help me now - as I’ve already installed it. But will help others - and will help me when I can find the time to EITHER upgrade to 2022 - or to set up the new computer I have, but haven’t found the TIME to set up!

I just re-uploaded it to SketchUcation.

Tested - Downloaded outside SketchUp, Uninstalled from SketchUP using Extension Manager, Closed & reopened SU, Installed — no errors!


For anyone paying attention to this thread:

@Medeek just updated Medeek Wall about 3 hours ago - and it’s already on Sketchucation!

One detail I can now give: If you use the Sketchucation Extension Store from within their SU Extension, once you update, you’ll need to close, then reopen Sketchup. That MIGHT be something that’s true of ALL Sketchucation Extension Store hosted extensions updated in this manner - I just hadn’t noticed before!

Restarting and therefore reloading of updated extensions is common and necessary no matter the method of updating. The main reason is that if an update modifies a file, that file will not get reloaded by the update process. This is because Ruby keeps a list of all loaded files in it’s $LOADED_FEATURES array and does not reload them if they are in the array. So a restart of SketchUp is always recommended which will load the latest version you just installed.

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HI @DanRathbun,

I was 80% sure that was the case. But as only an occasional user, and an even more occasional updater of extensions, I wasn’t sure enough to assert that it should always be done!

I stand corrected … no, not “corrected”, I stand better informed! Thanks!