Medeek Electrical / Wall Confusion in Extension Warehouse

I have the following @Medeek Extensions:

  • Electrical
  • Wall
  • Truss
  • Foundation

And I was quite excited when I saw in another thread that he has put the Electrical extension on the Extension Warehouse. I’ve been looking forward to being able to update his extensions using the Extension Manager.

Just a few minutes ago, when I opened SketchUp, I was presented with Medeek generated notices to update ALL my Medeek extensions. So I eagerly went to the Extension Manager - but no update alert on Electrical!

OK. I figured that, perhaps, versions of Medeek Electrical prior to the one hosted on the Extension Warehouse might not be recognized as upgradeable through the Extension Manager. So I went to the Extension Warehouse to download the current version of Medeek Electrical. Here’s where things went from South to Weird.

I easily found Medeek Electrical, but when I tried to download it, the file name included Medeek Wall!. I cancelled the download and proceeded here.

So which is it? Medeek Electrical or Medeek Wall?

For now, I’m going to download the current version from Nathaniel’s website instead of the Extension Warehouse.

I’m hoping @Medeek migrates all his extensions to be hosted on the Extension Warehouse.

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I’m not even sure how you are able to download anything directly from the Extension Warehouse, the Electrical Plugin is a “listing” entry in the warehouse, strange.

Here’s a screen capture from my browser:

Notice the Download button!!

Here’s the site - it might only appear if you’re logged in:

I just checked using an Incognito Window. Download button appears when NOT logged in as well! But click it and you’re asked to log in.