Medeek Plug-in Extension Downloading

I recently upgraded computers and migrated all of my SketchUp from the old to the new.

Today I renewed my Medeek license for the Wall, Foundation and Truss plug-ins. I downloaded the updated versions of the plug-ins (3.04; 1.88: and 3.18 respectively), but cannot get them to load into Sketchup. I follow the recommended format - Extension Tab > Extension Manager> Download Extension.

When I try – I get a pair of error messages as follows:

'This does not appear to be a SketchUp model" and

“One or more of your preferred File Locator paths are invalid. Please correct this by going to SketchUp’s Preferences > Files and specify a valid path for any items shown in red”

After following the instructions. I find that none of file paths in my Preferences folder are marked in red, and all seem to be correct.

Any ideas why SketchUp is blocking these recent plug in’s from downloading?

Sounds to me as if you might not have installed SketchUp correctly. Close SketchUp, find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then Repair.

Possibly you have the RBZ file type set to open with SketchUp,
it should not be, instead set that file type to ‘Download’ rather than ‘Open’.
Save the RBZ and use the Extension Manager’s > Install Extension button…
This will install the RBZ file’s contents in their correct locations.

Your Preferences for file locations might not show in red if you have included an incorrect SketchUp number in the path etc which still exists… Double check each path…

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