Plugin menu not showing - one solution

SU make 2014
The plugins menu was not showing despite having all the extension boxes checked. As a catch-22, I could not download from the extension warehouse. I could select an extension just fine, but download fails as if the link is not valid. One solution is to create a valid rbz file, and use ‘install extension’ from the preferences menu.

I think most - if not all - preloaded extensions you enabled show up under different menus. And some extension require that you restart SU to load.

Your profile says you are using XP. You don’t mention how you are downloading. If yo are trying to download from inside SU, some of the downloading issues may be related to working with an older OS that only supports up to IE8.

Did you upgrade to SU14 from SU8 because it’s the latest version of SU you can run on XP - see Heads Up…?

Did you try clearing the cache and cookies on IE regarding the downloading problem?

Try navigating to the Extension Warehouse in a web browser of your choice and download extensions that way then manually install through Window > Preferences > Extensions?

Yes, I can use firefox to download from the warehouse website, so its not completely broken. From within SU, I can select the extension warehouse and pull up the pages for each extension. It is clearly able to find and retrieve pages - the basic TCP-IP stuff is all working fine. The issue is that the file download feature fails. Apparently the method sketchup uses to download files depends directly or indirectly on what version of IE you have. XP=IE8=failure to download. I don’t use IE, but I have run into this IE dependency issue a couple of times.

While you may not use IE, programs use the default browser that installs with the OS. So you still have to deal with maintaining IE