Updating Medeek Extensions

Pro tip: Medeek’s extensions are also on SketUcation, where they get regular updates.

If you currently have them installed on your system, uninstall them, then restart SketchUp. Then open sketchucation’s store plugin, find Medeek’s plugins, and install them. They will show up in your SketchUcation account.

Updating the plugins is much easier to do through the SketchuUcation store, IMO. You just click a few buttons and restart SketchUp.

Otherwise you have to uninstall them, close SketchUp, go to Medeek’s website, navigate to the plugin, download it, and install it.

Not trying offend @medeek.


Interesting. Yes, I do like SketchUcation’s system, but didn’t think about sourcing Medeek from there after buying the licenses.


There as some who use this method and from what I understand it may be easier than the conventional method. I say whatever works best.

Whenever I make an update I do my best to make sure I also post the latest update to SketchUcation.