Meedek electrical

I received a notice that there is an update I click on the link it sends me to the website but I do not know where to go when I get there.

From the Medeek website landing page select click “login” button top right, enter login credentials in the appropriate spaces, click “login”, from the account landing page either select the applicable extension from the list on the left under the “Plugins” section, or n the main viewing area also under “Plugins”. You’ll be presented with a window with the details of the plugin (extension) selected, when you purchased it, how you paid, license validity period, etc. and just below that will be the a link to the most recent version clearly identified by version number and release date, select click the “download” button and tell it where it is to be saved to.

Hopefully you already know how to install an extension from within SketchUp…

Tip: archive the extensions / plugins you use and keep them up to date. That way you need not fret when you need to reinstall for whatever reason and have it on you local machine (or wherever you’ve archived it to).