How to install an Extension: Tutorial

a German FAQ here.


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I am using the free SketchUP 8
1/ When I go to try to access the 3D warehouse from within SketchUP
I only get NO connection:
This page can’t be displayed
Make sure the web address is correct.
Look for the page with your search engine.
Refresh the page in a few minutes.

So I downloaded via the browser the ttcleanupo331 extension
but then it tells us as per screen shot to find the “install extension”
which does NOT exist at the bottom left as shown here

within the menu that opens up
it only shows installed extensions such as Ruby etc…
but NO button at all!

I read here that I am NOT the only one missing that button

So where does one go now in 2015 to re download a newer version of SketchUP 8
without having to pay to Trimble for the new download ) if it still exists somewhere?

See the following links[quote=“vstapelbsa, post:5, topic:12417”]

it only shows installed extensions such as Ruby etc…but NO button at all!

Evidently you are using the first release of SU8. The Install Extension button was added in Maintenance release 1 or 2. (So long ago, I forget.)

Of course it is 2016 now. SketchUp 8 hasn’t been supported for a number of years and you may be out of luck trying to get a later release of it. Even if you do, SketchUp 8 will not access the 3D Warehouse or other web-based resources as mentioned in the links, above.

DaveR is a faster typer !


SketchUp only got the “Install Extension…” tool added in v8M2
So you must have a really old version.
There have bean several ‘M’ updates during its lifetime…
Version 8 is no longer supported by Trimble.
It’s way out of date.

Perhaps it’s time to ‘bite-the-bullet’ and get v2016 [Make]…

I don’t seem to have any trouble to access the 3D Warehouse and I use the free version as mentioned but installing even free EXTENSIONS seem to be the issue…

I’m curious. Your profile indicates you are using the “Last Released Google Pro version” not the free version. It also says your graphics card is “Interiors, Architectural,” which is an unusual card.

You can convert .rbz files to .zip and install them manually however you must be careful when extracting the contents that you don’t destroy the file structure.

You cannot “install” anything [Free or Otherwise] because your v8 - being pre M2 - does not recognize RBZ archives and does not have the code needed to install them.

If you REALLY must use this antiquated version of SketchUp, then consider this…

Download the RBZ from the EW or SCF PluginStore.
Add “.zip” to change its filetype into a plain ZIP file [your Folder Options need to be set to show ALL of the filetype suffixes - otherwise you’ll be adding it before the suffix and its filetype won’t change ! ].
Extract its contents into a temporary folder [usually auto-named after the ZIP]
Ensure all of the files and any files within subfolders are left intact and in the same relationships as in the ZIP.
Move ALL of the extracted files and any subfolder etc into you v8 Plugins folder [you need to have sufficient Security Permissions to do that because in v8 it’s inside the Program Files ‘tree’].

Restart SketchUp.

If you have manually installed the files properly the Plugin/Extension will probably work OK…

The whole reason RBZ and the Auto-Installing of them was introduced four years ago, was to minimize the issues that manual installation was creating when mistakes were made by cack-handed users…

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Hello. Please don’t ask me, I only “Use” I never do installations.
A visiting friend helped me to install then as it still is now.

Ah. I see. Not much point in putting false information in the blanks as it isn’t helpful at all.

Good luck with getting the extensions you want installed. It sounds to me as if getting up to the current version of SketchUp would be a big help for you. Since you “never do installations” the automatic options for installing extensions are just what you need.

[quote=“vstapelbsa, post:11, topic:12417, full:true”]
Hello. Please don’t ask me, I only “Use” I never do installations. A visiting friend helped me to install then as it still is now.
[/quote] … I was not ‘asking’ you, I was ‘stating’ facts.
In English the use of ‘you’ can be singular or plural - so ‘you’ do not need to take my ‘you’ as applying only to ‘yourself’.
Perhaps English is not your first language?
‘You’ could also be applied to ‘you-plural’ - i.e. including your ‘visiting-friend’ - who does this ‘installation’ work for you.
He/She could also follow my advice…

Although my best advice it to drag yourself/yourselves into the present day and get v2016…
You’d then get all of the benefits we have be extolling in this and other parallel threads, and none of the hassle…
Installing Extensions is easy - school-kids do it…

I never really knew which one is my first language.
I am European educated in German French and Dutch
and also have learned Spanish and Italian and a bit of Cantonese and Mandarin
So my language skills are lets say “spread out”
As I said in one of my post the latest paying version is unfortunately not in my
current near budget. Thank you.

thank you very much appreciated