Framing a Truss Roof Live with Aaron!

Aaron is sharing some of his experience and framing a truss roof, live in SketchUp! No extensions, here, just lots of components and a bunch of know-how. Join if you have ever wondered how framing in SketchUp can work!

2022-09-09T18:00:00Z on YouTube!


It’s going to be a good one, folks! The direct link is Framing a TRUSS ROOF in SketchUp - YouTube

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Sadly I missed the live show (life got in the way). Aaron makes this stuff look easy. I will post my comments directly on Youtube.


You was a part of it even if you wasn’t there :wink:


Yes, I suppose I was. Thank-you Aaron for mentioning the Medeek plugin by name even though it was not really part of the show (or intended to be).

I will say, there is something to be said to being a SketchUp purist, I even find myself occasionally modeling things up “manually” when there is probably a more efficient way of doing it or a specialized plugin that exists that could make my life a bit easier.

I really think plugins exist for taking the tedious tasks or highly repetitive tasks out of the equation. If you are doing a simple one off project it may be hard to justify the additional effort to install and configure a plugin (as well as the added expense for paid plugins) when you can probably just as easily model it with the native tools.

Trusses are one of those things which can get quite complex and design changes down the road can also factor in (ie. pitch change). If you need parametrics and efficiency then a plugin to assist with truss and roof design is a must.


While Aaron was trimming things, I mentioned in the chat that your truss extension has a nice trim tool included in it. Of course, if you have Medeek Truss, you don’t need to make trusses, but it occurred to me that you could pull that one tool out and also offer it as a stand-alone paid extension just because it’s so useful as a general modeling tool.