Timber Wall Framing & Roof Truss/Rafter Extension


Can anyone recommend an automated stud wall, roof truss & rafter timber framing add-on for sketchup? I’m looking for a tool with the ability to customise the framing timbers and construction approach to my build methods.

I’ve tried search Google, but have so far met with little success.

So far all I have found is PlusSpec. It’s a good tool with lots of promise, but it still needs a lot of work. The stud framing construction is hard coded to the construction methods built into the software. There’s no way to design your own framing techniques. I love that it automatically creates the framing for windows and door when inserted into a wall.

I don’t know whether this is against the rules of the forum, I’m not trying to promote rival products, but I need to show these as examples to get my point across. Revit has two third party add-ons that really go to town on automating timber & steel framing construction, which I would love for SketchUp. Aga-Cad and StrucSoft’s MWF. There’s also a product for ArchiCad called ArchiFrame.

If you’re a developer and feel you could create an extension for SketchUp then please do contact me.

Truss Plugin/Extension

@medeek is working on an awesome truss framing extension. Well worth checking out!


There is also a HouseBuilder [timber-frame] plugin http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=564448#p564448
With metric and imperial versions.
This post links to the latest ‘compatible’ versions…


Thanks for getting back to me, really appreciate the feedback.
Funnily enough I stumbled across the truss thread by @medeek. The work produced looks really great. I spoke with medeek briefly and it has become apparent I need a custom tool for our build methods as they’re marginally obscure due to the nature of our product. I’d really like a tool that’s parametric and will be able to adjust the timber framing when windows and doors are inserted. PlusSpec does this, but the framing structure can’t be altered to our methodology, it’s fixed.


I think a custom plugin that is similar to housebuilder but tailored to your requirements would automate and streamline your design process within SketchUp. Whomever writes this plugin will need to work closely with you and refine the various parameters and options until it gives you just the right amount of flexibility but takes care of all the tedious details and framing that is specific to your product. In the end you should be able to create a full design in a matter of minutes not hours.


did you contact @AndrewRubySketch he is on the forum…



Hi guys what methodology do you require? You can do just about everything
in Plusspec. Stud size, stud spacing, number of bottom plates, bracing
internal lining external lining, slipping walls, gables, insulation and
many more. I’m a builder/ carpenter and I’ve done just about every type of
framing imaginable yet if there is something I’ve missed in Plusspec let me
know and I’ll get right on it.


Have you looked at the Timber Framing Extension in the EW? Would it do any of what you need?


Btw I’ll be in California tomorrow so feel free to flick me an email if you want to to talk shop. Currently I’m on vacation with the family so I willl keep it brief. I can see my wife looking through her eye brows as i type. Back at work tomorrow.


Thank you for your feedback @AndrewRubySketch, I would really like to email over some bits to you to see if PlusSpec can incorporate the features we require. Your tool is great but I can’t seem to find out how to modify the framing to our design. Maybe I’m just overlooking it.

What’s the best email address to contact you on?

Hope you have a great time in California!


Thanks for the advice @john_drivenupthewall, I will contact Andrew to see what we can come up with. Really appreciate it.