Max LenY on 605 cm


I want to set a max on LenY scaling 605cm. When it is bigger it sets it to 605cm, if smaller than set current lenY.


Unfortunately this won’t work.

Tuinkamer compleet v0.5.skp (7.3 MB)

use for values between 50 and 605


a min value allows for posts…

Thanks, I implemented it. But my sketchup seems so buggy.

It jumps when I scale it and it won’t go to the 605 cm.

Here is the model…
Tuinkamer compleet v0.5.skp (7.3 MB)

Hey, spent some time on this and did not manage to fix it. Couple observations: There are still a lot of IF statements with no else, which may affect stuff/cause some weirdness. Second you are trying to scale a DC inside the parent it has references to, I am pretty sure this always causes problems. 3rd you might consider 3 separate sliding door panels that hide or show, it would simplify the positioning and rotating a bit maybe. That said I am sure Philip will have helpful insight this evening… good luck.

I have checked it again myself. I find it really odd. I think it is a bug.

When there is no function it behave normal when scaled.

I have made a work around. further automation.

I calculate the gap width a make the component this width.

That sounds like the right approach, everything should configure from parent down… Here is a great list of DC bugs:

And this one caused me a bunch of grief as well:

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