LenZ not the height of the component as measured

I have a DC that is made of of 3 sub-components. When I measure the parent DC with the tape measure it is 90cm tall. However, when I look at LenZ of the parent DC it is 30.2cm tall. So, it is obvious that I don’t understand LenZ which I would think must be 90cm. Can anyone help? The video below shows the problem in action and I’ll upload the model if anyone cares to take a look (and tells me where to upload it).

Short video example

most likely the scale of each component is out of sync, this is produced by forcing a value to replace the grey one with a different value, please upload, if not too complicated, you may be able to use “scale definition” (right click menu) to each nested level to fix it

Thanks for taking interest!! I’ve simplified the model completely, the scale definition is gray, and I still have the problem. Let me know if you can spot something. I think I’ve done something really silly cause this makes no sense.

You need to attach the model.
Use the 7th button from the left or right at the top of your reply box or just drag and drop to the message box, basically the same as the image you have added.

testHeight.skp (489.8 KB)


There aren’t any attributes and formulas in the component. (except for glass thickness)

So measure the height of the parent component, it will be 90cm. Then add the LenZ for the component in the list of attributes and it will be 30.2cm. But, they are referring to the same height. If I try to use LenZ and try to position something on top of the upper component, then it will not be placed at 90cm, but at 30.2cm. This is my problem.

Just to be explicit, if I add a new child component and set its X position at PARENT!LenZ, it will be in the middle of the parent component, not at the top which is where I want to place it.

the parent component has inherited a scaling issue that cant easily be fix unless you can return its original size, best to explode it and rebuild it

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