Setting variable to components LenZ value?

Hey all, I need assistance setting at least a minimum, but scalable, value to the LenZ of a component (DC).

I currently have:


This forces the height of the component relative to a dropdown selection and upon which it fixes to this height ie: it can’t be scaled. But I also have a “Custom Height” option (from dropdown), which is to allow the component to be scaled to size, currently if custom height is selected the component drops to zero. What do I need to add or setup to enable a minimum that will still allow for upward scaling?

Hi Richard

You can add formula to the value section of the drop down, so can reference a custom attribute, or the current value (making it possible to scale) or any specific value.

panel example.skp (27.2 KB)


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Philip, mate you are the absolute VERY best! Every single time I’ve asked any question, you are on it and with the ultimate solution! Massive kudos to you!!

BTW, do check your messages!