Dynamic Component LenX,Y&Z values stop changing with size change

OK, so I’ve made a wall DC, with no sub-components, just un-grouped geometry inside & I have referenced the LenZ in an attribute to record the wall height drawn.

If I double click on the wall DC, I can push-pull the top of the wall and voila, the LenZ changes - All good.

If I now include a sub-component (a window for example) within the wall DC (so I can cut-face), I can still push-pull the top of the wall and the LenZ still updates. Still All Good.

If however I now include an attribute in the sub-component which references the parent! (wall DC’s LenZ), now the value of LenZ will no longer change with pushpulls (ie; a change in the size of the wall DC). This remains the case even if I delete the offending sub-component. The wall DC just breaks…

Other attributes will continue to work, but it’s like the LenZ, or X or Y for that matter remain Locked into an old size.

Anyone got any Ideas?

How is the LenZ specified in the DC? LenZ … 2000 or LenZ … **=**2000
Sometimes after messing around with alterations in a DC you might overlook intruducing the = yourself, meaning a fixed value. Just thinking.with you.
It would be much better / easier to troubleshoot if you share the DC on the forum.

Here’s the link - Hope it works

By the way I did look at the values of LenZ, X & Y and they are clear of formulas or = signs…

Just tried this again with a more simple component and got exactly same result (broken Len X,Y,Z values)

how can i make it move part by actuator or spring to give a motion in x y z…please…