Dynamic Components - How to make total Height of LenZ for two DC option window inputs

Hi All,

A special Thanks @DanRathbun, @pcmoor, @TIG and @junior for your Awesome help with Dynamic Components, I couldn’t have learned this much without your guys help and study as to how you create attributes between the Parent and Children components! I’m happy to say I understand a bit more as to the relationships. Some basic macros I understand now so am keen to learn a few more things.

I am one step away from completing this Oven tower. It has two inputs in the DC options window for heights; 1 x is the overall “Height” and the second is the “Oven Height”.

I do not know what to make LenZ for the Over Cupboard or LenZ of the LH Door so that no matter what overall “Height” is chosen or no matter what “Oven Height” is chosen, the Over cupboard and LH Door always finish at the top of the cabinet/end panels height. I managed to do all the over components but I’m stuck on these last two components.

Is there anyway to do this? I have studied all the ways I know how to do this, but I think it requires some new kind of macro that I don’t know how yet to formulate.

I have attached 4 x photos and 1 x SU Model.

Any help with updating the model with an explanation behind what the macro means would be appreciated.

MIN Bench Height Single Oven Tower Left Hand - Stuck at Overcupboard LH Door.skp (452.8 KB)

@wolfgangorlinski, sorry, no answer.
@Mark, I downloaded the model above and inserted it in SketchUp Web Free, although knowing that I couldn’t do anything with the dynamic components. Just to look at the model’s components.
Then I deleted its geometry, leaving only some simple geometry of my own (all entities have Layer0 assigned to them). Purge unused layers (introduced by the inserted model) doesn’t seem to work although there is no geometry left that have these layers in use. Is this related to some weird behavior related to dynamic components inserted in SU Free? What is going on?

Looking at the model I can see a few areas that I would approach a bit differently that would make it easier to work with and make all the pieces behave as they should but don’t have the time right now to finish it, should be able to get it tomorrow though. and @g.h.hubers I tried what you described (using Pro 2019) and got the same result with the layers until I purged the in-model components, after that I was able to purge the layers.

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Doh, I completely forgot that even SU Free has and keeps its ‘In Model’ components until you purge them first. Is it a beginners mistake? Can’ t be. Then it must be my age.

Heya Issak,

I am really stuck on this one, if you are able to help I’d really appreciate it. I thought I was going to complete this one on my own then I got stuck at the end!!!

The way I assembled my attributes was the only way I knew how to link them. If you know a better way as you mention could you show me.