Missing a step for dynamic component gap in parts

I’m trying my first dynamic component.

When I type in the dimensions there is either a gap or the parts overlap.

I set up my original part at 96 inches wide so at that size it is right but if I make it wider then there is a part and when I make it shorter than 96 inches the parts start to overlap. My tubing pieces are 1 1/2" inches.

I’m sure I’m missing a step.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see?

Sorry Dave, here is the attached file.Dynamic Component Cabinet.skp (184.5 KB)

OK. So you need to add attributes to the individual components for the verticals you need to define their LenZ as a function of LenZ of the cabinet.

=1 12" Sign Cabinet Frame!LenZ-3

That’s LenZ of the cabinet minus 3 to account for the horizontal members positioned at either end. So if the frame is 48 in. tall, that would make those vertical parts 48 -3 or 45 in. tall.

Add a Pos Z attribute to keep the verticals 1.5 up from the bottom of the sign cabinet, too.

You also need to add position Z attributes for the top horizontal members. so they move up or down with the height change. That would be =1 12" Sign Cabinet Frame!LenZ-1.5 since their component origins are at the bottom corner of the component.

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Setting up dynamic components requires some thinking upfront (eg. what parts are identical, are there more 'variables, etc) When it comes to goups and components, remember that all attributes are aplied to identical parts in the model. That is why I, for simplicity reasons,sometimes use groups.
The hierarchy is also important. You don not want that the user has to ‘dive’ into nested levels to set the depth or height.
Sometimes it is best to start with a part of the cabinet and test before going any further:

all though there are two identical parts, I use 4 groups for easy identification. The top-level get some custom attributes (width , depth and framethickness) the groups get there values from them.
I do not let users choose or enter thwe wdth on this level, because I know there are gonna be more (higher) levels…
Sometimes, when creating DC’s, ‘showing component axes’ in Window->Model Info->Components helps you identifying the origin of components.

If you add some attributes, it will give you the current values displayed grey. These are nice hints for the formula you need.

work your way through the different parts.
Then copy the bottom part and draw the parts for the height: select all and make the (final) component:

add some more attributes to the top level and you will have a cutlist, to:

Dynamic Component Cabinet.skp (166.6 KB)

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Did you get the file I sent you?