Dynamic component sticks to a fixed height in the Z axis, instead of the insertion point

Hello. I created a dynamic component of a door, but I’m facing a bug that I can’t correct.
When I insert the component in a drawing, instead of being exactly where I put it, it goes in a higher point in the Z axis, and even with the move tool, it´s height remains unchanged.
Could you take a look at the component and help me come around this issue?

Thanks for your help.
PORTA DINAMICA 1.skp (740.2 KB)

Inserts fine for me. Maybe a pic or short video of the behaviour would help?
EDIT: Also nice door!

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I came around a temporary solution adding an attribute to control PosZ, but it’s an icky solution.

The model is (wrongly) positioned below the Z axis, and I realized that the component is sticking to the Zero of the model’s Z axis.

If I eliminate the attribute I mentioned, the model stays in the position that I have set on the now extinct attribute, but it still can not be moved in the Z axis

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This is my first Dynamic Component, and I know there might be lots of issues with it. I hope I got it mostly right, though.

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Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it :smiley:

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Hey, sounds like one of the child components could be causing the behaviour, look at all of their Z positions and see if maybe that’s it? Have a windows install right now, but I will take a look later when I have time.

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Thanks, Rwamoore. That’s very nice of you.
When the component is ready, I´ll post it on 3D Warehouse.

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Hey. So I can’t seem to replicate your problem, the component seems to work fine for me. Save the component in the file below and bring it in through the components window, see if it works.

Can’t replicate the behaviour.skp (1.1 MB)

maybe the walls are at -12cm ?

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Hi Pcmoor.

Thanks for your answer.

I added the PosZ attribute, and set it to -12cm so it would be in the correct height in my drawing, but if I delete this attribute, it goes back to a fixed height in the Z axis.

Hi Rwamoore.
This component that you shared is working ok.
It is glued to the plane that you created. If I delete the plane, it becomes free on the Z axis. If I create another plane, it gets stuck again, but this behaviour seem to happen only in ungrouped geometry. Touching to groups or components doesn’t affect it at all.

What was your solution?

I will create other topics to address capabilities that I want to implement to this component, namely, the ability to make the 2D/3D view to be individually set by scene. and the option to choose the thickness of the moulding.

Thanks, guys

That would be the glue to horizontal plane and cut hole options that are checked in the component options window. NOT the DC component options. Try setting Glue to: none and uncheck cut opening, the behaviour should stop. Glue to video here

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Nice! That did the trick. Thanks again Rwamoore.

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