Bug with dynamic components

Hello Guys, how are you?

I have a bug that I tried everything I could to solve but I couldn’t.

My dynamic component has formulas that take as reference the dimension on the Z axis of the parent component, but this formula is not being visually respected by the geometry, despite being correct in the component Attribute.

I will add my model so you can see it.
my model.skp (81.5 KB)

So that you can see the error, simply change LenZ in the Component Options to any numerical value.

it looks like you’re deriving values from the door child components and not the parent. you might consider simplifying things - like do all the calculations in the parent, then assign those to the child components – this has the advantage of being able to see all the values in one place and the child components don’t have a lot of work to do.

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also, maybe save the onclick functionality until you have the door working. for example - the axis settings for the child components need to be correct in order for the rotation functions to work as expected.