Dynamic Component Issue with Formula Value


Please attached the file. The Highlighted areas/ Below mentioned formula throws wrong calculated value. ( For Frame_01)
The Frame_Right (Value LenZ), Frame_Left (Value LenZ) & Frame_Support_top ( Value Z)
If anyone let me know what is the mistake.

Wall_panel_02_4.skp (60.4 KB)

Hi there,

you simply haven’t defined the height of frame left, frame right has the definition…!
And thank you, I never knew the parent! funktion, where do I find these things?



@mkluth70 .,

The issue relates with the Frame_01

i am not getting this. My model has defined all formula’s

i learned that in the forum. Thanks to @pcmoor :). you observe his posts. Lot can be learned.

I took frame_01, here the Frame_Left has no definition/ formula for LenZ, on frame_02 it is defined…

But my source component, before Save As–> component has defined the formula. After saving only, the formula seems got deleted during saving (not defined).

I dont know is this a bug! Any fix?

I saved the corrected component and reopened it in another file…worked. So I can’t reproduce your issue :frowning:

Ok. i got it by deleting the LenZ Variable and entered the formula afresh.