DC Reference Issue that is blowing my mind. (SU Pro 2017)



I have a dynamic component issue that is driving me insane, and I have no clue what is causing this to happen.

So I have multiple components each with several subcomponents. The sub components reference values in their main component.

The main components and sub components all work fine in their own files, but if I pull main component A into a new file, then I pull main component B into a new file, the sub components in B replace their formulas with the formulas from A’s sub components. I need them to act individually and only reference their own main component, but every time I pull them into the same file, B, C, D, E, ect. End up taking the formulas from A.

More detailed example w/component names:
Components “2 Single Glaze” and “3 Single Glaze” each have a sub component called “130 Right” that has to match the parent component’s LenZ.
The formula in the “130 Right” field reads “=2 Single Glaze!LenZ” or “=3 Single Glaze!LenZ” depending on the parent component. In their own files, these stay as they’re entered, but if I pull 2 Single Glaze into a file, then pull 3 Single Glaze into a file, 3’s “130 Right” field will read “=2 Single Glaze!LenZ” instead of the “=3 Single Glaze!LenZ” I’ve typed into it. All other similar components will steal the formula from 2 Single glaze, or whatever component I dragged in first.
I’ve tried changing all subcomponent names so each one is unique, but I still get the same result.

Is this a bug, or is there some reference rule I’m not aware of?

Thanks for reading this far. Sorry if it sounds crazy, I’m the only person at my work dealing with dynamic components, so I have no idea if what I typed makes any sense outside of my head.


Sometimes subcomponents “cross-talk”. Avoid using explicitly named parents in your formulas like “3 Single Glaze!LenZ”, instead try using the “parent” magic word, e.g. “parent!LenZ”

Hope this helps.


We don’t…
Pls upload the component so someone can check.



That worked! Thanks, I was hoping it was something simple like that.


Great to hear! :slight_smile: