Problem with Dynamic Component

Can anyone spot what I am doing wrong here?

This file is a very simple DC of an internal door and lining. I want users to be able to choose the lining width to suit wall thickness. The lining comprises five parts: two side pieces, a top piece, and two corner pieces. I have used the same formula for LenY in each case. However, when you change the size, some components appear to be scaling, others behave as expected. I have looked at it until my eyes start counter-rotating and yet cannot spot the error. Can any other eagle-eyed person do so?

Internal flush door.skp (128.4 KB)

Internal flush door.skp (126.8 KB)
the internal geometry was out of whack or displaced,
from reset scale a check on one found 140 was original, set lining to 140 then fixed the geometry, scaled definition on some of the other parts so all same scale factor


Can you explain what you mean by ‚Äúreset scale‚ÄĚ please? Also what geometry was displaced. It‚Äôs great to have it corrected but I would prefer not to make the same mistake again!

When a component or group is scaled, there are options that activate in the right click context menu, for groups, the ability to ‚Äúreset scale‚ÄĚ, for components ‚Äúreset scale‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúscale definition‚ÄĚ.

‚Äúreset scale‚ÄĚ returns the object to its original size. ‚Äúscale definition‚ÄĚ resets the size to the present scale, so if the component has been scaled to 1.5, then ‚Äúscale definition‚ÄĚ will replace the component with this new size (scale now 1) and any other instances will be a factor of this new definition

When creating nested components or groups it is possible to include some that have been scaled differently and others with none. This is the same for DCs, creating an odd box then imputing values to overwrite the grayed ones creates a scaled instance. I believe out of sync parts to a DC can cause issues though this behaviour seems hard to predict, so for safe modelling I try to build DCs with known values, match results to the grey,
So in the fix I find a sub components original size, using ‚Äúreset scale‚ÄĚ, undo then set the value to the original, then match all the rest. Maybe this is not necessary as one can force the sizes with the formula, but I feel much more at ease if everything is in sync.
I can not tell how the geometry became displaced, probably with your attempts to fix the DC by changing the raw geometry, which has caused more problems


Helpful. Thank you.

Hi @simoncbevans,

I built one of these before … you may want to see.

I have a more updated one, which includes architraves, opens & closes ‚Äúon click‚ÄĚ and can hide one of the side frames to make a double door, (by manual copy and mirror). Need to clean it up before posting to 3D Wharehouse.

Yup, looks very similar. I shall look forward to seeing it when you upload it. The 3DW seemed to be having problems yesterday.

Hi @simoncbevans,

My apologies for the delayed in the promised updated door component, it is now available at 3D warehouse on the link below.

Dynamic Component Door 2018

However, removed the ‚Äúopen \ close on click‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ to a selection in the ‚ÄúComponent options‚ÄĚ.