Dynamic component copy problem


I have a problem with a dynamic door component I made:

It has a frame that can be scaled and has an animated door.
All the parts consist of goups.
It works perfectly on its own.

If I make a copy of it and scale the frame, then the door retains the original size.

I’m out of ideas of how to fix that.
Only thing that works is converting the Door base to component and making it unique for every new door.
I want to avoid making any extra components and only keep the highest level one “Dynamic Door”.


Any ideas?

There are scaling out of sync issues, on your model (right click menu) check scale reset, scale definition some are grey, some not, when using groups this is particularly a problem, so in future builds always build from fixed sizes, no reset scale, if adding a component assure that it is scaled to definition

The Fix:
Its almost impossible to fix the groups, so with the door, right click and change all to components, the handles make unique, then go through all, right click, scale definition.
This is a “blanket” fix, I am not pin pointing which group, component, or combination is the issue, too much to sort.
Standard door fix.skp (207.6 KB)