Dynamic Doors - How To Copy when Extending?



Hey Guys,

I’m having some trouble with a dynamic Door I’ve been working on. I’ve managed to get it to a few standard widths in order to speed up workflows for some of the other designers when building out spaces. Now I’m trying to expand on that same component in order to make it a double door when scaling.

For instance I’ve got 38, 42, and 48" width options and 7-9ft heights. If I add 72-96" wide options I can’t figure out how to get the door to copy correctly. It would be awesome if I could get it to mirror as well but that may need to be put on a back burner until I can get the door to space correctly.

I’ve managed to get it to create 1 additional copy instead of a lot (like 20) but it’s creating them on top of each other and won’t space them appropriately. I’ll attach some screenshots of what I currently have.




See if this one (attached) sheds some light.

Flip Copy SubCompnent.skp (48.6 KB)




I still can’t figure it out lol I noticed you added all your movement controls to the parent component rather than the door itself. I currently have the Parent Component containing the door and the frame components so my movement is set to the door instead of the whole thing.

I tried replicating your technique and couldn’t get it to rotate correctly… I’ll attach it if you wanna mess with it any,

Thanks for the help,


Dynamic_Components.skp (2.2 MB)


Have indeed taken a look at your file and started some “messing with it”. Got called away from the office and cannot access the SKP at this time.

PARENT ON-CLICK: I “presumed” (perhaps incorrectly) that the On-Click Action is intended for BOTH Doors in unison. Very Valid if you prefer to activate each Leaf Independently. That’s why my On-Click is at the Parent Compo (upper) Level.

DOOR COPY: Don’t think a DC-copy of the Door Compo is going to work. I could be mistaken but; the door copy requires it be “mirrored” and the On-Click Action calls for Rotation which will Re-Set the Compo/Copy’s Origin and ignore Flip/Mirroring on the Door’s Compo Copy. My solution incorporates a UNIQUE Copy of the Door component as an additional compo/element that may be reoriented as an additional a stand-alone door leaf component that allows for it to be rotated and flipped as required by the Double Door Assembly.

MIN WIDTH: This presents another challenge in that the Double Door Assembly cannot be equal to or less than 52in in width. Probably due to the offset positioning on the Door Lever Hardware.

Will remember to upload my proposal tomorrow AM.




Thanks for the help. For real. I figured out how to get the motion fixed. I moved the On Click and Open_Close to the Parent and set the RotZ on the door to an IF function so that the doors are the only thing that rotates. It yields in consistent results but Im thinking maybe a custom variable on the door could help fix the flipping. That way I could set it to rotate without affecting any of the other stuff? Maybe?

Anyways here’s an updated look at the functions on my side as of this morning,



Glad we could be of assistance. Here’s the proposed SKP offered.

NinoFLIP Dynamic_Components xSAF.skp (1.6 MB)



This is awesome. Thanks. I see you ended up going the route I ended up taking. I have a single door that’s dynamic and a double door that’s dynamic. I was spending too much time on it and ended up just creating two Door components that change with the dimensions of the total width/height.

Thanks again. I really appreciate the assistance.



Another way of going about it is: When the Rough Opening width is Less Than X inches, the Opposite Door Compo goes “hidden” (not shown). That’s how I have the ONE DC for Single/Double Doors.