Matching scaled images

I want to import a plot plan, scale it. Then import a floor plan, scale it and move it over the proper location on the plot plan. However when I scale the second one, it resizes the first.

I tried using the scale tool to shrink the floor plan, but it is not very precise. Is there a way to resize one image without affecting the other?



make the second a group…

click into the second for edit mode…

use the Tape Measure Tool to scale the ‘group’


Related help article on scaling with the Tape Measure.

Resizing simple shapes could be done with the ‘Scale’ tool by applying a factor or with value(s) plus units.

In your case, floor plan and plot plan, (odd shapes) you have better luck with resizing with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool. Be aware that this method resizes the entire current context, the context that you work in.

So to answer your question: apply the ‘Tape Measure’ tool inside a specific context, i.e. inside a floor plan group or inside a plot plan group on its content. This will leave the size of geometry, image, etc. outrside the group unchanged.

so that worked. But now I am having troubles trimimg the image I made the clipping shape, I selected both the image and the clip but I can’t get the context “create clip mask” to turn on. I really don’t understand why the option only turns on at certain times when the context window is open and not others? Why set it up like that?

I went through all sorts of hoops with the resize with a tape measure tool, until I figured out I had to draw two lines on my image and tape measure between them to get the tool to turn on. I assume this is similar. what am I missing?

Oh no - that’s in layout. How do I do it in sketchup? Gaaaaa


Could you share the SKP file? If not publicly, by private message to me? It would be easier to give you an exact answer with the file in front of me.

I keep trying to email you the file but the stupid email program keeps having an error and won’t upload the file- how do I do a PM in the forum? G

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did that work? I can’t tell if it sent it or not. On another forum I frequent, there is a send button, but I couldn’t find one on this one. G

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John’s response is accurate. Isolate the geometry, or image, (plot plan and floor plan) by making each a group or component. Then click into the one you want to re-scale and re-scale it within that group. Then click out of the group and move it where you want.