Please Help! Image won't re-scale with tape measure :(

Hey Im new to sketchup so bare with me please…

My floorplan image wont rescale using the tape measure. the dialogue box doesn’t come up and its just creating guides, not an actual measurement point for me to rescale my model to :frowning: Ive looked everywhere and cant figure it out.

Im using Sketchup Free web version on google chrome. All the latest versions from what i’m aware of.

Thank you

There is a problem I reported a while ago, where the tape measure tool is always in Add Guide mode, and many actions you might do to resize the model end up just placing a guide at the distance you typed.

If you carefully click at the end of an edge, then click again at the other end, and type the length it should be, the resize dialog should appear, even with the tape measure in the add guide mode.

Thank you for your response! I will try this.

Really appreciate the help.

Hi there, I cant seem to get the dialogue box to come up still?

I was hoping you would be able to help?

Thank you

Try this. Set out some guidelines as I have here. I’ve put one on the blue axis, one up the right side of the image and a horizontal one that intersects both of the verticals. Still with the Tape Measure tool click on one intersection…

…then on the other intersection…

Let go of the mouse and type the dimension you want it to be and hit Enter.

You could also do this by clicking on endpoints of a line or corners of a shape like a rectangle.


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