Scale Model?

When trying to rescale an entire model by using the tape measure and entering dimensions, nothing happens? It lets me type the “real” dimension into the box but when I hit enter there’s no change. Not getting the prompt to scale the whole model. Does this not work in free / web sketchup?

It works just fine in the Free/Web version. Make sure you are clicking on an endpoint at each end of the dimension you’re measuring.

Huh. Thank you for the reply! Since you proved it was possible, I went back to the drawing board and made a new model with a quick cube and realized I had one part wrong - didn’t know you clicked to “complete” the measurement before entering the new dimension. So I see the helpful little “enter value to resize model” on the bottom bar which lets you know you’re on the right path and then it works as expected. Great! When I went back to my actual model (which is a floorplan, overlaid on an image, that I’ve traced out, prior to building it up in 3d) I wasn’t getting the “enter value to resize model” prompt… till I tried clicking to start the measurement in a lot of different places, I finally found a combo that worked and gave me the prompt. I’m still not sure exactly what it was looking for, but it worked in the end. Thanks!

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