Model not rescaling



I created a component from a 3d .dwg file. After smoothing geometry and adding materials it’s great. Trouble is I can’t rescale it to the correct size. My understanding is that I can use the tape measure tool to take a particular dimension of the component and then enter the desired dimension. At this point, I’m used to a dialog box appearing asking if I want to resize the model. However, in this case, the dialog box doesn’t appear and nothing happens.


Is the tape measure producing a guideline?



Are you clicking on endpoints in the model?


Although small, there’s a chance you disabled NumLk.


Yes, I get a guidline.


I click on faces while aligned to the red axis.


Yeah, I don’t have a Number lock key…


Try going from endpoint to endpoint. In other words along an edge.



So you aren’t clicking on endpoints. Do that. Or hold Option when you click on the second point.


Well for whatever reason, this morning it works. I honestly don’t think I did anything different. It was probably posting the question then waiting 12 hrs that did it : ) Thanks everyone for their replies.