Resizing model mistake


A message was appear, when i was sketching, for resizing model, i clic yes but i’m wrong…All dimensions are wrong now. How can i Mundo this fonction.

Thanks for your tricks ???


A message pop-up like this comes up when you use the Tape Measure tool to change whole dimensions of the model. In this case your only workaround is Ctrl + Z or if you remember exactly what dimension you resized, re-applying the same technique to that dimension.

The standard Scale Tool, as far as I’m aware of, doesn’t normally produce pop-up questions.


Try 'UNDO’ing several steps to go back to before resizing.
Or use the ‘Tape Measure’ tool to resize your model again to correct size.


I Vahe, thanks for your answer… I dont know how to resize with the measure tape. Thanks to learn me how!!


You’re welcome. Refer to the following short video for resizing with the Tape Measure Tool: