Tape Measure problem?

Hey everyone, I use the tape measure tool and tried to resize a model but the dialog box is not showing. I am really confused on how to resize the model. I tried to explode and re group each individual parts it worked for one model but it doesnt work for the rest. Any tips?

Did you click Ctrl?

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OMG that helped. Thank you but what does that do?

it stops the tape from making guidelines. meaning it only resizes.
if you don’t press ctrl, you have to click two points already linked by a line to resize. if you press ctrl you can click any two points it will work.

the bottom bar help could be rewritten on this one.


Yes but in both cases 'Resize" will work.
The first click needs to be an anchor point like: endpoint, midpoint, intersection, to meaningful measure from or to later get the ‘Resize’ option or to create guide points.
Dragging from an edge may create guide lines (in case of the "Measure + "icon).