SOS! Need Help with Resizing 3D Model Issue

I have used the tape measure tool to resize my 3D model (I grouped the different spaces together of my model) however when I do so, the size change to my model doesn’t save when I restart Sketch Up. If don’t group the spaces together into once group then my model will give an exploded view of my shapes in Open Studio or whenever I reopen the file. Is there a work around to this?

Sketch Up Article for Resizing 3D Models
Youtube Tutorial Video

Can you talk through the process you used to resize?

You shouldn’t need to group things in order to resize your whole model, if that’s what you truly want to do. If you want to resize certain pieces of your model, you may want to use the scale tool, or the tape measure method while inside of a group (which is what I think you are doing).

If you truly want to resize everything in your model, you can use the tape measure by

  1. Click a starting point (while not inside of any groups or components)
  2. Drag to an endpoint at which you know what the desired measurement should be (ie. it’s currently 37 inches, but you want it to be 14’ 6")
  3. After dragging to the second point and clicking, don’t click on anything else or do anything else until you type the desired measurement (in this case, the 14’ 6").
  4. Hit return/enter on your keyboard.
  5. You should receive a prompt asking “Do you want to resize the model.”
  6. Select “Yes.”

Then you should be good to go and it should look exactly the same but with the new dimensions.

Also, make sure you aren’t inside of a group or component while doing this operation or it will affect only those components and instances of, which would create the scene you are showing if you happened to make the size smaller.

Make sure you click out of the groups, or select the arrow tool and escape out so that you aren’t inside of any group.

Is this what you’re experiencing? Bear in mind, it is extremely important that you drag out the measurement, click the second point, and immediately enter the new desired dimension.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your quick response I had two approaches when I do not group my model, and do as you say then I it looks as if everything is ok however when I open up Open Studio it is like an exploded view of my model now as shown above in my initial post.

When I save my .osm and reopen the file the model is no longer connected and all the spaces have been moved apart from one another.

I see a problem that can be easily demonstrated, and worked around.

In a new document, use the tape measure to resize Marc to be 10 feet tall (the usual way, tape measure, click, drag, click, type 10’ enter, Yes, resize model).

Marc did not become 10 feet tall, he just moved further from the origin.

If instead you go into Marc, tape measure resize him to 10 feet tall, then come out of the component and tape measure resize him to 20 feet tall, you end up with the initially desired results.

Are you saying I can only do this per component? I was trying to increase the scale of my entire model at once using the time measure tool.

What I said may just apply to certain components. If I try the same thing on a component I just made, it seems to behave.

I can still see that a component that has been resized might have had a scale applied to the component, and hasn’t had the internal geometry changed. Jumping between Open Studio and ism and SketchUp could cause problems.

Does Open Studio understand SketchUp components? If it doesn’t, and it just reads the internal geometry of components, exploding all of the components after the resize might help.

I am somewhat guessing though, I don’t have Open Studio to be able to test things.

When you scale components from a overall model context (not on the raw component geometry), you are not changing size in the actual definition but just applying a scale factor to that definition.

I theorize that your Open Studio is not respecting the scale factor and is just reading the definition as if unchanged. You might want to try to set the scale of your component/group definitions before you export to .osm and see if that fixes the results.

To do all your components and groups at once, you can use S4U’s Scale Definition extension

This essentially is the same as SketchUp’s Scale Definition feature

… but it does it with multiple Components and Groups at a time.


Thank you for your response no luck still though.

Scale Definition only seems to be available when you have scaled the component. It’s grayed out after scaling the whole model.

If you can, share your model so we can have a look?

If you can not, perhaps you could create an example model that behaves the same as your model in question.


HQ_thermal_zones - (120.9 KB)

this is the original model with no changes to scale.

HQ_thermal_zones_test1 - (123.5 KB)

This is an example of my attempt to resize my whole model, when I first do so it looks as it is supposed to, but upon opening up Open Studio or saving and closing the file the model is fragmented to fit the new dimensions instead of just expanded spaces.

Please let me know if you need any other files besides the .osm file I am limited to upload capacity on this site.


Can you provide the skp?


thermalzones.skp (569.7 KB)


thermalzonestest1.skp (583.3 KB)

I only work with my .osm files not sure if that would make a difference in this case though.


If this is the model before it is scaled, what should the building size be?

What I hoping to do is perform the scale that you need and then have you test the new skp file in OpenStudio. Neither Colin nor I have OpenStudio on our machines. If my model works for you, then I will create a video to show you how I did it.


ok thank the side on the right should be scaled from 24’ to 36’ that will scale the rest of the model accordingly.



Give this a try and let us know if this model works. If it does, I will upload a vid for you to follow.

thermalzones_scale_redifined_2017.skp (570.3 KB)


When I download the file and open it this happens Capture1