Resizing a group without resizing everything else


Hi, When using sketchup make i might design a door and then shunt that off to one side then design a window. The other day i wanted to resize the door with the tape measure tool but it ended up resizing the window too. So i made the door a group and then locked it thinking this would solve the problem, it didn’t. Can you have various separate groups and resize one without it resizing all the rest?


You should be making components of the doors and windows. If you want to scale the door component
or group without affecting the rest of the model, open the door component for editing first. Then use the Tape Measure tool as you were. It’ll only affect the geometry in the context of the door component. Keep in mind, resizing with the Tape Measure tool is a scaling operation and it will scale all dimensions.


Weird, i was sure i was doing that yet it kept resizing everything. Went back to the model and did what you said and it worked! thanks.


Note that the Scale tool will accept a scale factor, such as 1.25, but it also will accept a dimension such as 12.5" or 100.4mm. The units notation must be used to differentiate between a scale factor and a length.