I don’t get asked the question about resizing the entire group

I followed the video, imported image, drew a line along one of the walls, and use tape measure but not getting the question. I am following the video in th campusmsection.

Are you measuring the line you drew? Are you clicking and releasing for the start and then clicking and releasing at the other end of the line?

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Sorry, I am following the Commercial Interiors Learn video, 1.Reference Plan and @2:50, and trying to scale.
I have drawn the line, grouped it and then gone into the group. and using the tape measure clinking on the the point and then type 6’ but I don’t get the dialogue box ‘Do you want to resize the active group?’.
Hope that makes a bit more sense.

Would have helped if you had posted a screenshot showing what your doing. Going to reiterate what DaveR said … are you click-release and click- release on the end points then typing the desired dimension?

If you want to resize just the active group it must be active. That means it must be open for editing first.

thanks I have tried exactly everything and the dialogue box is not coming up.Very frustrating

Share your SketchUp model so we can see what you are working with.

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@eric-s says in the video that you don’t have to press Enter or Return, but for me, I did have to press Return.

For the tape measure step, there are two clicks. On the left and then on the right of the doorway in that example.

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