Newbie Help - Resize Image

I need help in trying to resize an imported image. The image is coming in at about 3.5’ (about half size)… I tried having the import selected, using the tape measure, and changing the dimensions inside the databox (lower right) to 6’, but this is not working.

How is this done, exactly? SK2017
Thanks kindly!

What is the image ?

The man or the table ?

If it is the table, it looks like it is a 3D object, not an image. The blue bounding box seems to indicate that it is a group or a component.

If this is the case, you can use the Scale tool from outside the component’s or group’s context.

If you prefer to use the Tape Measure tool, You can enter the component or group context with a double click on the object. Then, you select the Tape Measure tool and measure one edge for which you know the exact dimension. The Dimension Window (DW) at lower right shows you the measured dimension which is, of course, wrong. Do not type in the DW, it is automatically open to receive your input. Instead just type the wanted dimension. Press the Return key to validate the input. When asked if you want to resize the active group or component, click Yes.

All those IFs are guesses from my part. If you post the model instead, it will be easier to guide you.

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Hello Sir… thanks for the kind reply.
Sorry for the poor details of our first post.

It is the table and it is an object.
I have used the Scale tool, but it can be cumbersome (I find) to create the exact width or height required. When importing an image, you can use the tape measure to easily resize it to whatever dimension you need.

When I enter the object and use the tape measure to scale it - as described, it simply creates a dotted line at that measurement. It does not resize the group…
Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you use the Tape on an edge it will create a guide, but if you use it from endpoint to endpoint it will give you the option to resize.
Also the scale tool will scale to specific dimensions if you add the unit, without the unit it will do it as a percentage. You can grab a corner handle and type in the 3 dimensions you want including the units and the object will reshape to those exact sizes.
Tape and scale