Scale an imported image

I am using Sketchup Free (on the web) to make a 2-D floor plan of a building and want to add a scale bar to it. Something like this:


It’s easy to import the image: Simply choose [Hamburger icon] → Import… and select my file.

Next, I want to scale that image so that its marks represent actual measurements in the rest of the sketch.

I’m feeling dopey. I searched the forum and watched a a bunch of Youtube videos, but don’t find an answer to my question. I have seen a bunch of references to using the Tape tool to measure and adjust its dimensions, but none of these seem to work. (I never get the “Do you want to scale this…” dialog.)

Would someone give me a concrete set of steps for doing this? Many thanks.

Import the image as an image, not as a texture.

Select it.

Explode it.

While it is still selected after exploding, create a group.

Double click the group to open it for edition.

Trace a line along the 0 - 40 ft scale as precisely as you can.

Select the Tape Measure tool.

Click on one end of the new line.

Move the cursor to the opposite end and click again. The Measurement window shall show a length value.

Immediately type the real value (40) and press the Enter or the Return key to validate. Do not click in the Measurement Window.

When asked if you want to resize the active group or component click Yes.


Another possibility is to draw the scale bar with real dimensions.

See this SU file for ideas.

Scale bar.skp (112.7 KB)

Check out the videos on the Scale Tool

Bingo! That did the trick (the problem was that I didn’t know about “Explode”). Thank you for the clear instructions.

It would have been much faster and you’d have better quality if you had just modeled it like I described to you yesterday. But I guess you’ve got it now.

Yes, but… I’m a newbie with Sketchup, so I’m kind of hanging on by my fingernails just to complete the 2-D floor plan.

But I would be delighted to learn how to model a scale bar if you could list concrete steps. (Yesterday’s description is too abstract for me - I don’t know enough about Sketchup to understand how to follow the steps.)

Not only would that help me, but all the other newcomers to Sketchup…Thanks again.

It would just be a matter of drawing rectangles to the needed dimensions and painting alternate ones black.

How are you using this floor plan you drew and the PNG images you’ll export?

That’s about the procedure I imagined. As a newcomer, this feels like a lot of fussy work that I would work hard to complete. (The image above has 13 rectangles across the top row, I’d need to duplicate that row, then color it in.)

As for the intended use, we are improving a rustic cabin. We don’t have an existing floor plan, so I have measured the exterior of the cabin and its interior dimensions. I then dropped those dimensions into Sketchup to get a rough floor plan. We’ll then envision how moving partitions, etc. could make the cabin work better. The scale bar helps to understand what “will fit” and what won’t. Here’s a sample that’s “good enough” for us to proceed. Thanks again.

Balsam.pdf (82.6 KB)

I was curious how long it would take to draw without keyboard shortcuts and a dodgy mouse.
GIF 11-02-2024 1-37-02 PM


Open the skp file I inserted in my previous post.

Here it is again.

Scale bar.skp (112.7 KB)

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Oh my goodness! TWO people offered excellent tutorials for creating a scale bar.

Thanks to @Box for the video above, and @jean_lemire_1 for the .skp file (top portion shown here), with a complete component that can be copy/pasted.

Thank you both!