Add a scale bar?

In Sketchup Web, is there a way to add a scale (1 ft, 2ft, 4ft, etc) to a drawing? Thanks.

Your model should be created at 1:1. You could model a scale bar using your model units though. There isn’t any way in the free web version to print to scale but you could export an image and adjust the size of it in something like a Word document until your scale bar model is the right size on the page.


Sorry - I may not be using the right term. I’m looking for something like this that I could add to my sketch.


Does Sketchup have some kind of gizmo (component?) that does this? Thanks.

Insert that image.

Not in the free version. That is a documentation thing and would be appropriate in LayOut where you would have scaled views of the model. Not really appropriate in a 3D model that should be created at real world dimensions.

As I wrote you can make a scale bar in SketchUp. Make it with real world dimensions just like the rest of your model and place it so it can be seen in your image exports.

You could also insert that image and adjust it to match your real world dimensions.

Again, there is no option for exporting or printing scaled views of the model from SketchUp Free so you would have to resize exported images in some sort of page layout application.

Partly answered my own question. I found that creates a custom scale bar, allowing many variations

My plan is to import that image, then tell Sketchup to resize it to match the scale of the rest of the drawing. Thanks!

PS See also Scale an imported image for instructions to size the imported image to match the drawing.

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