3D house model: How to print elevations to a specific scale?

I have completed a 3D model of my house in the free web-based version of SketchUp. Now I need to print the scenes for the front, rear and both side elevations to a specific scale (such as 1:100 where 1cm = 1m). I have no idea how to set the scale in Sketchup and don’t really know where to start? I have looked for tutorials and searched the forum but haven’t found anything related to the free web-based version of SketchUp?

Thank you!

I’m using SketchUp Shop and I disremember if this is also available in the free version so you’ll need to check this in SketchUp Free but to print to scale first set the camera to Parallel Projection in the Views panel and choose the desired standard view. Zoom as needed to show the elevation.
Screenshot - 7_30_2020 , 8_29_26 AM

Then in the Print panel, change Current View to Print to Scale.
Screenshot - 7_30_2020 , 8_32_08 AM

Then set the scale as needed.

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Your profile says you are using SU Pro so why would you be using the web version? If you do have Pro, you also have Layout which will make all this very much easier.

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I believe Free lacks the ability to print to scale while Shop can. When I started with the earliest versions of SketchUp for Schools, it couldn’t print to scale, but I believe it has been added since.

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That may be the case. As I said, Nell will need to check. I don’t know if that feature has been added in SketchUp Free or not. Obviously if it hasn’t been they will need to upgrade to Shop or Pro.

Yeah, Free wants you to upgrade to Shop for that feature, apparently.
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 10.29.19 AM

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Well, then, it’s pretty clear what the OP needs to do. Thanks for checking that. :wink:

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Great, thanks a lot for all your answers.

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