Match photo projected textures change when rendered with lightup

I used match photo to project textures onto faces I drew. But when I go the the tour tool for light up the textures change. They just zoom in on the photo I used to match.

Are the faces reversed in the model? Go to Monochrome face style and check. Correct the face orientation if they are so it is front faces out.

I reversed some of the faces but the other sides are just blank.

You’ll have to project the textures again. If you had back faces out before, they are still painted with the texture image.

When I reverse the face and then project the textures they don’t show up. It seems they can only only be projected on the front face anyway so there was no chance I could have accidentally projected them on the back face.

Did you look at the faces to see if they were showing back faces before you reversed them? Were they showing as back faces?

I repeated the process, checking for which face was showing. I was able to project onto all the faces, but when I started over again and had back faces out only one of the was actually projected onto, the other two stayed blue. You can see this in the bottom left image. But in any case when I went to render it in lightup I still got a distorted image on the one backface.

I’m surprised I can’t find a video tutorial using photo match then rendering the space in lightup.

Would you be willing to add your file in your next reply? I have LightUp and could see what results I get. While I wait I’ll try a test with matched photo.

I did some tests. In modeling the inside of a room you are likely to have the reverse side facing you. But it doesn’t matter, LightUp seems to show the right thing whether you reverse the faces or not.

I’m using LightUp v5.5f, which one are you on?

I’m using LightUp v5.5. Here is the file I was trying to render in lightup but the texture changed to that weird zoomed in image on the wall. It happens to projected textures if they are on the front or if I reverse them.

Figured it out. Although the online help suggests that 1024x1024 is the limit of bitmap size for SketchUp, I imagine it’s more these days. But that aside, LightUp may have its own limit. So I tried making the image be 4096 across, instead of 5760. Everything improved after that!

That sounded like it would work. I resized the image to be less than 1024x1024 but still got this.

Try my 4096x2731 version:

Could be worth trying in a new SketchUp document.

I’ve been opening a new document each time. I tried with your image. Here are the results.

39 PM

Try my SKP (too big to upload here). The picture is strange in some ways, I had to use a few sections on the floor to avoid having an extremely long face.

Here’s my picture by the way.

and the LightUp version:

23 PM

Hey, @AdamB, do you have ideas about the >4096 limit, or the remaining distortion in my SKP?

Super weird, why does it change just for my program running the same file?

I tried other images to mixed results. One taken on my phone worked. But I used another photo taken on a wide angle lense and got another distorted image.

I started another discussion on the general issue of making a photo work for match photo:

As you will read, there are low expectations! A wide angle photo is not a good case, but I’ve been looking at using Photoshop to try and give it a better chance. Could you let me try the wide angle photo? You could JPEG compress it enough to be able to attach it here, the quality shouldn’t matter, I would only be trying to improve the distortion.

The distortion is not caused by the image size limits. It is caused by the use of Projected Textures which are not supported by LightUp.

I’d suggest using yourimage as a “reference palette” and assign materials and textures to your model to capture the look you’re after.