Match photo brightness doesn't match with the original image

I was trying to match a photo onto a model (Projected the photo on to 2 rectangles one for the base and another for the scene behind the model). After i render the scene using Visualizer, there is a brightness difference between the projected images (2 rectangles). I tried switching off the shadow receiving and casting options, but nothing seems to work.

How about sharing the original photo and the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got going on and have some hope of giving you some help?

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Hello Dave,

Thanks for the reply

Original Image


Rendered Image:

How big is the SKP file?

its 49.3MB

Maybe you need to run a Purge Unused.

did that

There was a lot of junk in it, huh?

As for the brightness, what you are seeing is the shading that is done on faces to create the 3D appearance on the 2D screen. If you don’t want that shading, click Use sun for shading and cross up the sliders. Light to left and Dark to the right.

You could also turn off the Foreground photo in the Styles edit tab. In fact, do both.

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