Lights and photo match

I have a photo of my room interior. I use photomatch to project it onto three planes (floor and two walls).
The problem is that, after the projection, the textures looks much darker.
And the two walls have different colours, while in reality they are identical.
I think this is because all three surfaces got lights from a slant direction.
I have the same problem with: 2015 make, 2017 make, version 8 and web app.

Basically I am looking for a way to completely disable the illumination, but it seems that this is not possible with my versions. But the result is that photo match is the quite useless, because the colours are much darker.

Try this: Go to Shadows, tick the box for Use sun for shading. Then set the Light slider to the left and the Dark slider to the right. Play with the sliders until you get the result that is suitable.

thank you very much for your response.
Unfortunately there is no such box.
I can only tick or untick “Shadows” and “Fog”.
“Fog” makes things a little more uniform, but still darker.

Yes. There is a Shadows “box”. You may need to expand it to show the sliders. Open Shadows from the Window menu and if needed, click the little icon in the upper right corner to expand it.

I didn’t say anything about using Fog.

thank you, it worked. I was confused because there are two “Shadows” submenu items, one under “view” the other under “Windows”. I was looking to the “view” submenu. So I was convinced that my free version was missing that feature.
Thank you again!