Photo Match Question

Hi Guys

Does anybody know whether its possibe to create a Scene using Photo Match, where the Photo doesn’t appear, but the camera position is retained?

In the attached file I want ‘Scene 2’ to retain the camera position from Scene ‘LH View’ but without the photo.

Test File.skp (8.8 MB)

I cannot see any way to achieve this?

Basically I need to export a 2D Graphic of the model using the same camera position as the photo to work on both images in Photoshop.

Thanks, Kevin

Create a style with both Background Photo and Foreground photo turned off.

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Thanks a ton Anssi - I hadn’t spotted that feature :+1:

That works great but when I create a new style it seems to apply automatically to each scene?

But thats fine because I can just change the settings between each export as required.

Thanks again.

Have you all the features to save boxes checked in the Scene settings tray? For PhotoMatch scenes, they might not be so automatically.

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That fixes it - thanks again Anssi.

I often don’t bother saving the second version of the Matchphoto scene, and just rely on changing styles when I need to export. (It should be one click, but a bug in the Mac version sometimes requires 2.) There can be other things in that export style to think about, like not showing the axes, guides or even edges, if that’s the look you want.

Not really sure what I want or how to do it :grinning:

Ive been having great success lately with Photo Match & VRay, but I now have a project where I need to create a nice visual on a house covered with foliage (which is coming off) and the client wants to see how it will look.

Not very clear I know - but my head is spinning.

Probably makes more sense to model the house using the matched photo as reference but then apply materials to it rather than projecting the image as texture.

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I think you’re right Dave. I have been driving myself nuts trying to use Match Photo, because modelling a house and then applying all the materials to render is so time consuming.