Photo Match scenes don't remember any styling details

I’ve been struggling with this bug (?) for a few versions now: If I create a Photo Match scene, SketchUp does not remember any of the usual styling settings for it: Style selection, shadows, tag visibility, etc. I can get the scene set up just the way I want but as soon as I flip to another scene and come back, everything is back to some default. Does not make a difference if I update the scene.

Every time I want to export a rendering of my model with the photo match, I have to tweak these settings all over again. Very frustrating. Am I missing something?

This isn’t a bug. It’s intended behavior. The normal setup for scenes created with Match Photo is to not save those properties. You can manually change that or maybe better, create new scenes with the Properties to save boxes ticked.


Ahhhhh, thank you! I get it now.

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