Match photo doesn't work anymore

Hello everybody.
This morning Sketchup woke up badly. :confused:
I have to align some pictures for photomatches but as soon as I choose the image to use as a background to align the model, all the axes and the horizon disappear without giving me a chance to do anything. It remains in an unusable match photo mode where the only way out is to click match photo again, but it is unusable.VIDEO MATCH PHOTO ISSUE :confounded:

I’m not sure what’s happening. You were at least moving the horizon line at one point. It drops out of editing Match Photo when you try to grab anything else?


This is with SketchUp 2018 and Windows 10? Are you clicking on the model or pressing some key?

Can you post a model that misbehaves? My wild guess is that you have something (possibly orphaned text entities) placed an astronomical distance from your main model.

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I’ve had this - I think there is another extension that interferes. For me it was advanced camera tools (I think)

Try disabling anything you have installed (and check it’s actually compatible)

Yes, disabling everything starts working properly again. THANK YOU! But the problem for me is not Adv Camera Tools, I tried to re-enable only that and it still works correctly. I will go by exclusion. The strange thing is that I haven’t installed plugins for months, and all of a sudden this problem happened. This is probably an update of some Plgin

no no, it also occurs with a new file with nothing apart from the sketchup miss