Match Photo - extension conflict

I am having a weird issue happening with my Match Photo:

After I load the new photo to match, the image shows for about 2 seconds, then it is gone. It does not allow me to align the red and green axes lines nor trace over them. It just disappears.

The photo match works when I unload all the extensions and restart SU. Any suggestions on how to find out which one, without having to go extension by extension?

I am using 22.0.354 - 64 bit SketchUp Pro (Studio).

Generally, to track down a trouble causing extension, you cut them in half. Turn off the first half of your extensions and see if you have the problem. If not, then the problem is in the other half. Keep turning off half of the extensions until you identify the trouble maker.


I have not tracked down the offending extension yet as I have been a little busy. Plus with Scan Essentials I use photo match much less these days

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