Matched Photo properties stay when I create new scenes

I am using Matched Photo to create the scene that I want, but when I try to style it differently it doesn’t let me. So I tried creating new scenes from that scene, but it duplicates the matched photo properties and doesn’t allow me to edit the style. I want to be able to keep the scene I created but delete the match photo properties.

Pay attention to the list of Properties to Save in the Scenes panel. Before creating new scenes turn on the properties you want to save for the new scenes. By default those properties are turned off during the creation of the Match Photo scene.

Some properties can be changed, and some can’t. Have you read this thread by any chance to see if it helps?

Thanks @DaveR that helped! One last thing, if I want to zoom into the view a little more, how can I update the camera? That property is greyed out and won’t let me change it.

@RTCool thanks for that, it helped to understand better how match photo works.

Create a new scene from the same camera position but zoomed in. It won’t let you modify the camera position for the Match Photo scene because that could screw up the option to make edits in the Match Photo panel.

Thanks @DaveR :+1::+1::+1:

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