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I recently used Match Photo to correct the perspective in a SketchUp model in order to align it with the context photo from the site. I want to render the model and then combine it with the photograph in Photoshop to create a composite image.

My problem is that I have found no way to delete or detach the Match Photo from the model in order to create a Scene and then render the building.

Any recommendations?


Turn off the image in the Styles editor and then make a new scene with the camera in the exact same location. use that new scene for the render. Make sure that all properties are set to be saved in the Scenes window and that you save the new style.

If you want, you can delete the original Match Photo scene after you’ve created the new one.


Dave R,

Thanks for your insight. I understand all of the steps you recommended for creating a new Scene, setting all the properties, and then rendering the model.

Maybe because I am not as fluent with SketchUp as I would like to be, but I can’t figure out the first step using Styles editor to delete the photo image. Went into the Styles and can’t figure out the steps to turn off the photo image off.


I didn’t say delete the image. Just make it invisible by unticking the boxes for Foreground and Background.


Dave thanks so much that did the trick and I learned something new.


Alternatively you can just select your matched photo scene > switch to parallel projection > then switch to perspective again, thus you’ll see the same scene without photo.


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