Edit or Replace Match Photo Picture

Is there a simple way to edit or replace the photograph used in a Match Photo scene? All I can come up with is:

  • Go to original scene
  • Create new scene with new picture
  • Delete old scene

It would seem adding a new photo for a new photomatch scene would be logical as the perspective guides on the old/orignal photo would be wrong/redundant anyway? so you’d have to add new photo and then you would delete the previous scene? The only purpose for this maybe is if you subsequently got a higher res image of the same photo that you would like to use instead? A way around that would be to export the original model with alpha and composite with the higher res in photoshop?
There doesn’t seem to be a way to update the original as its locked, I have tried renaming the original that it references but that doesnt seem to work.

I ended up doing exactly what I described, and it was quite effective and painless after all. The only catch was to set the new scene’s properties to match the original’s. Literally less than a minute operation once the new version of the photo is created, so I guess it’s not worth the trouble of asking for a specific feature addition to SU.

I know I’ve had reason’s before for wanting to do this, but this time it was to remove some personally identifying information of my client from the photo. That would prevent me from sharing the image publicly. Unless my clients specifically give me permission, I don’t disclose name, address, budget or other personal info in a public forum.

Task completed: