Matching an Exported Photo to Scene View


I was wondering the correct workflow for matching an exported image (from sketchup) with a saved scene.

Basically this is what I am trying to do. I have saved a scene with some minor model work. I then exported it as an image and printed it out and used this to sketch further ideas on. I now want to match this back with the scene view so that I can start modeling off of my sketch. The original model line work is still visible in the sketch, and I would think would be enough to line it back up. I tried using photo-match with no success.

Is this possible?


I guess I would have created a scene before exporting the first image but I suppose it’s too late for that, now.

What exactly do you need out of this image you’ve got? Maybe it is more work than it’s worth to try to get it set up. Can you share the image so we can see what you’re trying to accomplish?

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